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Claire Fans

Fans of Claire from ABC's LOST
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Welcome to claire_fans a community for fans of Claire from ABC's Lost.
This community is moderated by xxeverafterxx


1.You may post pictures, icons/graphics, drawings, fanfiction, and anything else having to do with Claire or Emilie De Ravin.

2.If posting more then three icons or anything larger (wallpapers, FO Banners, LargePictures, etc.) you must place them behind an lj cut.

3.When posting spoilers please put behind a cut as well we would all appreciate it.

4.You may not bash ANY character especially Claire (if you don't like her don't join)

5.Respect fellow members!

6.Enjoy yourself

How to reach me

Email: xxeverafterxx@yahoo.com

AIM: CharliePaceFan

YIM: xxeverafterxx

MSN: xxdontellmexx@hotmail.com


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